The Hecl farm is a livestock farm located on the outskirts of the Drava plain (Dravsko polje), in the immediate vicinity of Edvard Rusjan Airport and the Slivnica motorway section.

It is specialised in milk production and, since 2011, also in milk processing. The location of our farm and the situation on the Slovenian dairy market led us to the decision to process part of the milk produced into homemade yoghurts; plain and those with different fruit flavours. We have control over all the production and processing that takes place in our food processing plant. None of our products contain artificial colours or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). For this purpose, we have set up a small shop in our backyard to sell our homemade products. This way, when customers visit our farm, they can also take a tour of our barn and milk processing facility. All our products are handmade and produced weekly, so you will always get freshly made homemade yoghurts and other dairy products