The Hecl farm has a long history, dating back to 1850. Part of its history are Alojz and Neža Fingušt, who started more intensive dairy production in the 1970s and built one of the first free stall cow barns with a separate milking parlour and self-service silos. The breeding success that followed was the result of diligent work and the ability to perceive new technology trends, thus closely follow trends in feeding of dairy cows. One of the most significant recognition is a milk production award gained in the former Yugoslavia (1984) and a series of national awards for achieving excellent results in the field of milk production.

The farming tradition is continued by Martina and Peter Hecl, who took over the farm in 1996 and started renovating the barn. Until 2001 the barn was expanded and renovated according to European standards. Martina continues her career in the legal profession, and I, with the help of my family, take care of the management of the farm and milk production.

We pay special attention to the nutrition of our cows. We produce all the basic fodder ourselves and only buy quality protein, vitamins, minerals and fodder for the best cows. The fodder ration is prepared in a feed mixer trailer to ensure a uniform, homogeneous ration for all the animals in the group.