By participating in various trainings, we get to know different technologies, tastes and traditional milk processing. For me, it was a cheese that stuck in my mind a few years ago and was challenging enough for me to make it myself. Hard washed rind cheese, or as it is also called, red rind cheese, is a cheese with a character that conquered my taste buds.

Hecl hard cheese is a homemade cheese made from milk produced exclusively on our farm. It is matured in a ripening room, at very high humidity, for at least 4 months, and turned and coated with bacterial culture every other day. During the ripening process, it slowly gains intense smell and taste, while the curd is still not too hard to be cut nicely.

It goes well with wine as well as with a variety of dishes, as its flavour complements almost any dish.

Our cheese is made and cared for by hand, with a lot of love.

Peter Hecl