Radio Maribor morning programme team visited the Hecl farm in Orehova vas

We at Radio Maribor also support local and homemade products, so we paid a visit to the Hecl farm in Orehova vas, where they produce dairy products.

Do you know at what temperature cheeses are served and yoghurts are offered? On site were tone technician Zoran Perko and presenter Robert Zajšek.


Watch the video:

Perhaps during the coronavirus epidemic, we learned to appreciate homemade and local products even more, but in recent years we have been increasingly looking for and seeking out local products. Our morning team headed to the Hecl farm in Orehova vas. We wanted to know how cheese is made, what consumers are looking for and buying most, and what flavours consumers prefer most.

“When you take the cheese out of the fridge, you cut it and open it. The actual rule for enjoying cheese is to let it sit at room temperature for at least 5 minutes until it has aerated and breathed.  Only then should you start to enjoy the cheese,” said Peter Hecl.

The Hecl family’s specialities include yoghurts, including sugar-free yoghurts, yoghurts with stevia, honey… all developed by the Hecl family.

If your path leads you to the Hecl farm, you will also be able to taste the products in their shop.



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